Benefits Of Replacing Your Engine Filter

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If you have been involved with motor vehicles before, you should probably be knowing that it is important to change your car’s oil and maintain your tires regularly. Besides the two, most individuals do not also realize that it is important to change the vehicle’s air filters regularly. It may surprise you to find out how important the regular change of your air filter is important to your car as it prevents a lot of engine problems from occurring.

Here are the benefits of changing your car air filters

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The one major role that air filters play is that they protect any dirt from getting into the car engine. This is because the engine is very delicate since if the slightest particle gets into it, the moving parts of the engine can experience damage. If this persists further, the damage becomes even worse. But if you install a clean air filter of your vehicle you will prevent any particles from reaching your engine. This, in turn, prevents any damage ensuring that your engine and car lasts longer.

Increased car performance

When you have a dirty air filter, there is a reduced flow of clean air in the engine.When the percentage of clean air getting into the engine is reduced, the car’s performance reduces. Research shows that cars that have clean air filters perform efficiently as compared to those that have dirty filters.

Increases car efficiency

Experts have argued that when you have clean air filters in your car, the car efficiency increases. This is because there is plenty of clean air that is getting into the engine. This means the engine does not strain in the process of burning fuel. This ensures that the fuel undergoes complete combustion. With high efficiency, one spends less money in fuel.

Reduced car emissions

When you are running on a dirty or worn out air filter, airflow to the engine reduces thus affecting the emission control system. When you have a faulty air system, there is an incorrect air-fuel mixture in the engine. When there is a lot of this happening the result is that one experiences a lot of engine deposits hence a lot of emissions. Besides the car producing high emissions, it is common that such cars will consume more fuel than they should.

Improves acceleration

carepairsleftasdfghjResearch that regular replacement of air filters, greatly helps your fuel injected car accelerate by a margin of 6-11% faster. The clean air that enters the engine ensures the optimum performance of the car systems hence creating more horsepower and torque hence providing maximum car efficiency and performance.

It is therefore important that one ensures that they change their air filters on a regular basis.